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At Suko Games, we develop great ideas and concepts for games, we know gamification and video games marketing, make the game PLAY in your favor.

We are an Indie video game development company, we create stories, develop characters and give them a unique concept, in addition to designing our projects we can help you develop yours.

We are faithful believers that a video game should be above all fun, we want to creatively get the most out of game structures that we have already tested great and suggest you the ones that works better with your brand.

Suko Games,

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Hi, I’m Suki.

I am the voice of Suko Games, I am a very cool little wolf girl who always gets into trouble, come with me to play some video games and to learn more about what we do here.

Download it for Android and play the early version!!!

Join Miky and Spicy Joe in the «Hottest chilli eating contest of the world» between flames, tears and suffering, because chili eater championships are not for weak.

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